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The Global Marketplace Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Businesses increasingly operate on an international scale. Your success depends on your ability to operate profitably in diverse geographic markets and comply with the laws of the various countries into which you market your products and services.

You may face the challenges of coordinating with many people, in multiple jurisdictions, while complying with the distinct rules on data protection and privacy law, data transfer and the local marketing laws of each country.

Global marketers may face many challenges including the following:

They must consider their ability and that of any of their third-party vendors to comply with the local laws of the country into which they are marketing.

Laws vary widely by country, even those within the same local region. Global consumer privacy laws are generally more stringent than in the US and fines can be higher for non-compliance.

  • Rigid data protection and transfer laws may inhibit ability to contact consumers.
  • It is challenging to find laws translated into English.
  • In countries where no specific law on direct marketing exists, penalties and fines may be inflicted based on the civil or penal codes with the possibility of severe criminal sanctions
  • Companies may confront many rules, spread out in all different kinds of laws, often not strictly related to direct marketing activities
  • Registration for telemarketers and gaining access to a country’s Robinson List or Preference List can be challenging. (A Robinson List or Preference List is like the United States’ Do Not Call Registry. These are lists which offer protection to consumers who do not wish to be contacted by companies for direct marketing purposes. Depending on the country, different lists exist for different marketing channels (telemarketing, mail, e-mail, fax, sms or mms)
  • Marketing risk assessments are difficult in under-developed countries.
  • Data protection authorities’ ability to stop data transfers can disrupt business operations.
  • There is the potential negative impact on consumer relationships.
  • There is the possibility of negative publicity.

Using compliance experts with the knowledge and experience both in international and local direct marketing is essential. Now offers our clients specialized services in data protection and privacy law, covering all compliance guidance related to all direct marketing channels. When planning a multi-national campaign or contemplating target marketing in a new country, American Solution Realty LLC. can help.

Has partnered with legal counsels and international compliance consortiums from around the world to provide your company with the most up to date international legislative and regulatory compliance. Also a member of the US Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Program.

American Solution Realty LLC. offers a wide variety of global compliance services:

  • Comprehensive guidance on the regulatory/legal requirements of each country.
  • Specific direct marketing channel campaign analysis. Many laws firms merely offer the law.
  • Provides a unique compliance process which involves discovery of what you are trying to achieve in your campaign and provides a complete campaign analysis, e.g., are you calling current customers and how to apply any exemptions in the law to maximize your marketing potential.
  • Customized international regulatory/legal matrices for your company. Now offers legal matrices for approximately 50 countries. These matrices easy to understand by US companies, their vendors and telemarketing staff.
  • Assistance with audits, monitoring and enforcement, reporting
  • Full text English translation of the regulation/law
  • Assistance with list acquisition, cost and data transfer information Our global compliance practice includes e-mail “Client Alerts” concerning international regulatory changes, proposed laws and enforcements to our international compliance services clients. If you would like to be added to our distribution list, please contact Romel Sucuzhanay, International Compliance Consultant, at

For more information on American Solution Realty LLC. practice and services, please contact (332) 206-6171

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