About us


Provide real estate services in New York City with efficiency and effectiveness to all our clients through an empowered and trained team.


As of 2023, American Solution Realty LLC is a consolidated company in its field of action, with experience in the real estate area, serving citizens in the United States of America and other countries.



Provide services of excellence in real estate to keep our clients 100% satisfied with our services, positioning American Solution Realty LLC as a reliable, honest, transparent company with professional ethics that trains and commits our team work constantly in successful action, with a human and technical approach.


 Internal Scope

  1. To be efficient and effective in providing services to build customer loyalty.
  2. To offer additional services to complete the application process in rentals, sales, purchases of apartments, houses and commercial premises.
  3. To position American Solution Realty LCC in the national and international real estate market.
  4. To guarantee warmth and confidence in our services to consolidate our reputation.
  5. To recruit new agents.
  6. To attract clients for rentals, purchases, sales of apartments, houses and commercial premises.
  7. To close businesses in rentals, purchases and sales of apartments, houses and commercial premises.

External Scope

  1. To demonstrate with facts the values that govern the organizational structure.
  2. To be part of the community and get involved with the residences.
  3. To participate in actions that care for the ecosystem promoting environmental awareness.
  4. To open new branch offices in the Bronx in New York, Elizabeth and Newark in New Jersey.


Integrity:  Doing the right thing even if no one sees us.
Honesty:  Transparency internally and externally.
Efficiency and Effectiveness:  Providing services at the right time and with high quality. 
Responsibility:  Respect in the commitment of agreements. 
Competence:  Be competent in organizational processes.
Commitment:  To the internal team as well as to our customers.